Decimal IP Campaign

Saw this article today and its quite interesting.

A quick search of the string “1760468715” shows there are quite a few websites that have been compromised.

This is quite a clever but old technique that is referred to as Dotless IP’s.  A google search will find quite a few results, with several posts from around 15 or so years ago.

In order to work out the IP address the value represents you can perform a fairly straight forward calculation.

If you had the IP address

You can calculate this as follows

172 * 16777216 = 2885681152
16 * 65536 = 1048576
4 * 256 = 1024
8 * 1 = 8

Add the bold figures up.


So if you were to enter this address in your browser http://2886730760

It would attempt to take you to

Just another way of hiding in plain sight.





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